Liyue Shrine of depths – All Genshin Impact Shrine of Depths places: Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma


Seeking the genshin impact liyue shrine of depths locations in Genshin Impact? Opening the Shrines of Depths is an excellent means to obtain your Genshin Impact characters the very best weapons, artefacts, as well as level-up products. These glossy blue and also orange temples additionally provide lots of Experience Rank Experience, as well as primogems to use for your dreams. The only issue is; where to discover all those shrines?

Before you start your search, make certain you have at least one trick to open a shrine. This will certainly provide you accessibility to the glamorous upper body inside. Remember that the secrets suggested for the Liyue region will certainly closed shrines in Mondstadt or Inazuma, and vice versa. And also when a shrine has been opened, it can not be opened once more. You will need to locate a new shrine for every solitary secret you get!

Mondstadt, Liyue, as well as Inazuma are each house to 10 different shrine, which implies that you will have 30 luxurious chests by the end of this overview. That need to be ample to give your personalities and tools a great boost. Let’s start our shrine-search!

A map of Mondstadt in Genshin Impact providing all the Shrine of Depths places



Stroll from the nearby Teleport Waypoint in the direction of the north, then overlook from the cliff’s side to see the shrine.
Stroll in the direction of the west from the direction of the Anemo Hypostasis sector. You should see the Shrine of Depths a little additional uphill.
Travel to the Teleport Waypoint on the coastline, then climb the rocks towards the south. You will certainly see the Shrine of Depths right in front of you.
Travel to the Cecilia Yard Domain, then climb up the rocks in the direction of the south. The Shrine of Depths is behind the trees.
Quick traveling to the nearby Statuary of the 7, after that walk towards Mondstadt up until you reach the side of the high cliff. Look down to see the shrine.
East of the Springvale community, before a rock development. Climb the cliffs to locate it.
Fast traveling to the neighboring Teleport Waypoint, then stroll simply a few actions in the direction of the northeast. You will see the Shrine of Depths on top of a close-by cliff.
Traveling to the Temple of the Lion Domain, after that climb the rocks beside the door. You will certainly see the Shrine of Depths even more ahead.
Begin climbing up the cliffs from the direction of Dadaupa Canyon. You will certainly see one cliff that’s higher than the others; you can locate the shrine at the top.
There are no Waypoints nearby; you will certainly need to walk from the direction of the Dawn Winery or the Rock Gate. Most likely to the greater plateau and also you will find the Shrine of Depths.
A map of Liyue in Genshin Impact detailing all the Shrine of Depths locations


You need to head to the huge mountain left of the Hidden Royal Residence of Zhou Formula. It has a huge cavern entryway to the south, with the Shrine of Depths inside.
On top of some cliffs, north of the small lake.
Walk to the northeast from the close-by Teleport Waypoint, and also look down to the water when you reach the high cliff’s side. The Shrine of Depths is on the appropriate side.
Fast traveling to the Bishua Level Teleport Waypoint, then look in the direction of the southwest. You will certainly see the Shrine of Depths on the high cliffs alongside the lake.
When standing in front of the Clear Swimming Pool and also Mountain Cavern Domain name, most likely to your right until you see a breakable wall on your left hand (alongside the large sculpture). Break it, after that adhere to the path. The path will split in two a couple of times; go right, after that left, then keep going right up until you see the Shrine of Depths.
Most likely to the Teleport Waypoint on Mt. Aozang. You can already see the Shrine of Depths distant. Glide in the direction of the eastern till you reach it.
Most likely to the Teleport Waypoint in Nantianmen, after that climb up the high cliffs behind it.
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A map of Liyue in Genshin Impact listing all the Shrine of Depths areas

Most likely to the Waypoint west of the mountain, then start climbing up towards the east. The Shrine of Depths is slightly below the acme, on the eastern side.
Walk southwards from the Domain of the Rebellious course. When you see the river in front of you, glide down, then turn around as well as get in the cavern entry.
Most likely to the southernmost island east of Liyue Harbor. You can start from the Domain name of Guyun, after that most likely to the smaller sized island in between, and after that glide or swim the remainder of the way.


South of Chinju Forest, at the top of a rough cliff
On an island west of Ritou– sail the waverider over to the back of the island


South of Tatarasuna, on the hill– you can see it behind you from the teleport waypoint, and jump to it
Teleport back to the very same waypoint, as well as travel northeast down capital to the 2nd shrine


Teleport to the waypoint on the hill southeast of the island and after that move toward Snake’s head– it’s on an outcrop underneath you
Near Jakotsu Mine on the south shore of the island, on a rugged rock on top of a high cliff


To the northeast of Sangonomiya Shrine, under a rocky outcrop


On a hilltop on the northwestern island, west of Koseki town

Teleport to the waypoint on top of Shirikoro Peak and also jump from the southwest side– it gets on a verdant outcrop listed below
On a hilltop northeast of the major island, southeast of the Chirai Shrine

Which concludes our checklist of every Shrine of Depths area in Genshin Impact. Enjoy opening your 30 glamorous upper bodies! For even more suggestions look into our overview to every crucial sigils place to aid with the Enkanomiya pursuits in Inazuma.